Darren Collins

Club Member


• Darren is a magician/juggler/stand-up comedian who specializes in educational presentations.  He has been based out of DeSoto, TX since 1997 and performs regularly at schools, churches, comedy clubs and corporate events worldwide.

He was born at a very early age; the last born of his parents’ five children. Originally from Port Angeles, Washington (you know, the Olympic Peninsula, rain, vampires, Canada, etc); Darren is currently the International Director for a 501 (c)(3) non profit in Desoto that produces, distributes and performs HIV/AIDS prevention education puppet and magic shows for use in East Africa.  His organization is called Project Hand Up.

He is possibly the only person on earth to be interviewed on both Good Morning Texas and Good Morning Kenya.  He produces a sci-fi themed stand-up comedy show at the World Famous Improv Comedy Nightclub and can be seen regularly on Sundays at the Addison and Arlington Improv Clubs at the Comedy and Magic For All Ages weekly show.

Darren has been a member of Rotary since August of 2013 but his greatest claim to fame is that in 2010 he won first place in the long distance category at the International Knife and Tomahawk Hall of Fame World Championships.

All of the above is true.