Other Fundraisers

Each year Rotary Club of DeSoto funds various local and overseas initiatives by holding internal and community wide fundraisers.

Internal Fundraisers:

• “Good News” – Our club adds money to our general fund through “good news” each week when any member has something to say – she must pay to say!

• “Ace-In-The-Hole” where each week we raffle off a chance to pick a card – if we pick the Ace of Clubs we win half the cash, the other half goes to fund local projects!

• “Bail Me Out!” In April of 2014 club members went to jail!  However, this time we each had unlimited phone calls from Lancaster Jail in DeSoto. We called and used social media to contact friends and family to request bail.  We made over $2000 in just 90 minutes!

Community Fundraisers

• Flag Program – For a small fee, Rotarians from our club will put up a flag in residential or commercial areas near the sidewalk.  Flags go up 5 times a year, and all proceeds go to local and international projects. For information on how your neighborhood or your business can participate please go this link: Rotary Club of DeSoto Flag Program

• Helicopter Ball Drop – Community members pay $20 per raffle ticket for a chance to win.  This event takes places annually at the Desoto Heliport.

National Fundraisers

• Animatronic Lion – Our club members innovated an educational product to finance the deposit on our global grant for HIV/AIDS prevention education.  It’s an animatronic lion that sings songs for pre-school education, designed for American classrooms.  Along with the standard educational curriculum, the lion also sings the Four Way Test song that we commissioned.  Rotary clubs in the USA are encouraged to purchase this product to serve their own community.  Details on The Four Way Test Song and Lion can be found here.