Club History

The Rotary Club of DeSoto

Chartered February 1, 1965

Plans for organization of a new Rotary Club in Southwest Dallas County were formulated in March 1964. Direction for this action came from Jack F. Gibson, Governor of Rotary District 5810, to officials of the Oak Cliff Rotary Club.

The South Dallas Rotary Club charter was approved by Rotary International effective February 1, 1965. Over the life span of what is now the DeSoto Rotary Club there have been changes in meeting places as well as of club names. The first name change for the club occurred September 28, 1971, when Rotary International approved the renaming of the South Dallas Rotary Club to Dallas Red Bird Rotary Club.

Over a ten year period the club’s membership became predominately DeSoto businessmen.  The organization of a new Rotary Club in Duncanville in 1983 became the catalyst for another name change and subsequent relocation of the club meeting place. Effective January 28, 1984, Rotary International approved the new name of the Rotary Club of DeSoto.

The club’s membership has generally ranged from 30 to 40 members and current membership includes 40 Rotarians whose professions and businesses represent much of the diversity in the business community. An all male club until 1989, the DeSoto Rotary Club inducted Janet Stanton, Attorney, as its first lady Rotarian.


DeSoto Rotary Club Past Presidents


1964-1965     Lloyd M Hawthorne
2/1/65 South Dallas Rotary Club chartered

1965-1966 L. K. Busch

1966-1967 Tom Roberts

1967-1968 Dr. Henry Grupe, Jr.

1968-1969 Duane Jarvis

1969-1970 J. F. Grimes – Johnny Voelkle

1970-1971 Lynn Felps

1971-1972 Terry Dickens
9/28/71 Club changes name to Dallas Red Bird Rotary Club)

1972-1973 Dr. Leo Alexander

1973-1974 Henry Hobson

1974-1975 Dr. Fred White – Jim Goodman

1975-1976 Herman Frankie

1976-1977 Rev. Jim Mobley

1977-1978 Richard Stokes

1978-1979 Charles Cagle

1979-1980 Herb McCauley

1980-1981 Charles Bell

1981-1982 Don Harris

1982-1983 Rev. Gene Russell

1983-1984 Charles Reed
1/28/84 Club changes name to DeSoto Rotary Club

1984-1985 Col. J.C. McMillan, US Army,Ret.
4/4/85 Club moves to First Church of the Nazarene on Townsend & Pleasant Run Rd.

1985-1986 Rev. Alvis Nichols

1986-1987 John Davidsaver

1987-1988 Charles Orshek

1988-1989 Dr. Marvin Judah

1989-1990 Dr. James Clifford Wood

1990-1991 Robert Mahlstedt

1991-1992     Charles Metzgar

1992-1993     Michael Hurtt

1993-1994     Jeff Elseman

1994-1995     Joe Johnson
Club moves to Thorntree Country Club

1995-1996     Roger Oliver

1996-1997     T.Q. Thompson

1997-1998     David Young

1998-1999     John Johnson

1999-2000     Jack Erb

2000-2001     Tom Bush

2001-2002     Terri Brown

2002-2003     Bill Luckey

2003-2004     John Polewski

2004-2005     Carl Sherman

2005-2006     Bill Dendy

2006-2007     Ken Tyler

2007-2008    Tina Strand

2008-2009    Bill Walker

2009-2010    Warren Adams

2010-2011     Bill Dendy

2011-2012     Sandy Respess

2012-2013    Carl Williams

2013-2014    Anthony Moore

2014-2015   Chad Tucker

2015-2016   David Scott

2016-2017:  David Harris

2017-2018: Kevin Strempke

2018-2019: Felicia Davis