Become a Member of Desoto Rotary!


Step One - Apply

To Apply for Membership:
  • Complete this application for membership
  • Submit the complete application to either your Sponsor, or to (our club membership chair) 

Step Two - New Member Orientation - Red Badge Program

This program is designed for you to learn more about Rotary and for us, as a club, to learn more about you! We believe this helps you become more involved in the club and get the most out of your membership. Keep your Sponsor and Membership Chair involved on the status of your progress as you work though this program. 
In order to move through the Red Badge Program you will need to choose any 3 of the action items listed below to complete. 
  • Give a classification talk to the club
  • Join a committee within the club Attend another club's meeting
  • Participate in a Service Project
  • Participate in a fundraiser
  • Be a Greeter for 4 weeks
  • Attend a Board of Directors Meeting
  • Arrange a meeting with 2 members in their work place.
In addition to working through the 3 items of your choice you will also work with your Membership Sponsor and Our Club Membership Chair to set up a few orientation meetings where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Club's rich history.

Step 3 - Installation

Report your completion of the Red Badge Program to your Membership Sponsor and submit your first installment of dues to the Treasurer
This will be applied to the following January or July payment closest to your completion date. The Membership Director will then work with you and your Club President to schedule your installation as an OFFICIAL Member of The Desoto Rotary Club and Rotary International!